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  Startop Logistics Centres are located near Tin Shui Wai, at Ha Tsuen Road DD125 and 124 lots. Take 15 kilometers away from the Huanggang Port with driving distance only need 20 minutes approximately and also very close to Hong Kong Western Corridor.      
  The situation of the warehouse is at the junction of many main roads. Make the transportation great convenience cargoes transport to HK terminals, airport and some other logistics distribution depots spends one hour only.      
  Warehouse A and B are logistics operation center. Occupies an area of more than 8,000 square meters, the overall storage capacity of up to 18,000 cubic meters, 18 standard loading platform, every day can handle over150 goods vehicles and 50 containers. The monthly capacity is as high as 30,000 cubic meters.      

Warehouses were installed cctv cameras which cover all corners of the warehouse, and the image holds up to 20 days. Customers through the website can monitoring the real-time circumstances. Infrared thermal detectors alarm systems were installed in warehouses and 24-hour professional security guards.

We build the high value cargo storage areas to ensure cargo security. Were -
houses were reviewed by the Civil Aviation Department and has obtained RA approval.

The goods of storage and the entire transportation were under our liability insurance which compensation amounting up to USD500,00.00